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Prescription Care Services can aid your business over the coming months.

Starting from July 1st, we have partnered with Surescreen Diagnostics to offer a convenient and highly accurate antibody test. The test detects both short-term (IgM) and long-term (IgG) antibodies via fingerprick blood sample with an accuracy of 97-99%. The results are available after ten minutes. The presence of antibodies does not indicate immunity but may be helpful in providing answers to questions employees and employers may have about symptoms they may have experienced over the previous months and the extent to which the workforce has already been exposed to the virus.

From mid-september businesses can also benefit from having employees vaccinated against the flu. Flu has been calculated by to cost employers almost £29m a year in lost productivity. Unison estimate the cost to an employer for one flu-stricken individual to total £522! 

By providing the jab for your employees you are not only protecting your business from potentially severe financial damage but also fulfilling a duty of care to them which has been shown to boost staff morale and productivity.

Prices for services conducted at the pharmacy:

Single antibody test: £30 (discounts available for multiple staff bookings)

Flu jab: £10

Depending on the size of the workforce involved, businesses have the option of requesting an on-site pop up clinic a great way of increasing up-take amongst staff and maximising the convenience of the service.

The service is conducted by a trained pharmacist and priced competitively.

Call 01543 432 434 and ask to speak to Jas Riat for more information and specific pricing. 



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